Inside My Head at the CAAM with G. Goddard

This summer, the California African American Museum, host an exhibition of 32 contemporary artists, Inside My Head. One notable artist in particular, Graham Goddard (Class of 2004, BFA Fine Arts), addresses the increasing anxiety among Americans with his spiritual paintings. His paintings call for viewer interaction—ignore museum etiquette and turn these inverted paintings upside-down on the walls for an additional perspective. The exhibit, curated by Mar Hollingsworth, opened May 7th and will run through October 25th at the California African American Museum.
The museum’s “look, but don’t touch” dogma can finally be ignored when it comes to Goddard’s inverted watercolor series, which incorporate his West Indian heritage and address America’s struggle with spirituality. “With our economy’s staggering unemployment rate and as small businesses continue to crumble, I’m painting to remind America that we can get through anything with faith in God,” says Goddard. In the painting, On the Precipice of Faith, a lamb stranded on a cliff is used as a metaphor for life’s tribulations. When the painting is turned 180 degrees, angels can be seen hidden in the rocks rescuing the lamb, suggesting that God is always there in times of need.
Inside My Head will showcase works by 32 contemporary artists of African descent who have developed a mature style in an intuitive manner. The exhibition explores pure artistic creativity and validates the connection to ethnic-specific traditions and ways of doing. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, collages, assemblages, photographs, videos, dolls, garments and jewelry.
California African American Museum | 600 State Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90037

Precipice of Faith by Graham Goddard

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