“Where Are My Keys” – The Butler by Micklish

My housekeeper may do a damn good job at getting scuff marks off the hardwoods but she does little in regards to keeping my life organized and in-sync.  While I try to always put my keys on the counter and wallet in the bowl, something inevitably gets misplaced. The Butler ($170) by Curtis Micklish is the latest in organization gadgetry aimed at putting an end to these woes.  Constructed of solid walnut and laminated baltic birch, The Butler is the stylish, wall mounted alternative to having a live person greet you at the door ready and empty your hands. The two top compartments can store a wallet and keys while the sliding mechanism can hold anything from a pair of glasses to a watch or scarf. And because it’s an Apple World, there is a side slot to accommodate your iPhone and conceal a charger. The best part? I don’t have to add The Butler to the payroll.


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