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Checking bags. That’s that … I don’t like.  And because I treat my carry on bags like I treat my jeans – wear one pair, own many – I am always in the market for more. What began as just a few accessories continues to grow and now hard graft is moving into the luggage world with their CarryOn Suitcase (GBP525). Made of the same Italian leather and lined with the British felt we’ve grown to love, the CarryOn is a design throwback which pays homage to a bygone era while recognizing  the needs of today’s traveler – right down to the fully adjustable and removable leather shoulder strap that you may or may not love.

Founded by a group of road warrior friends in 2009, Amsterdam based designed company Travelteq aims to create products that satisfy the needs of travelers, no matter the occasion. Handmade in Italy, the Voyager Bag (€620) features a top quality canvas shell with leather seams and handles, allowing for a stylish yet durable duffle bag option. Inside and out you’ll find various compartments for road accessories as well as enough cargo space to hold a few changes of clothes. Keep calm, carry on and wheels up!


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