Blaxican Brothers [Good Movie]

Two guys both chasing after the same girl. However this time they don’t let the girl choose who she wants, but they decide to place a wager of who can chase after her by battling it out on the dance floor. The film is called Blaxican Brothers.
David Kano wrote, produced and starred in this film. He did a good job as all of the above. His character, JT Bergen and his three knucklehead brothers accept a challenge from celebrity dance crew Vicious’s, leader Johnny Wisdom, played by Brad Bohannon. The captain of the losing team has to back off of the girl who has both of their affections, Lia. However JT is currently on probation and is being watched closely by office Po Pug.
It’s basically the same story told in a hundred different ways but this time with a dance battle as the backdrop.
I should mention Loren Paul. Loren plays the character of Vicious, member Derrick, and in my opinion was the best actor in the film. He was heads and tails above everybody else. I remember seeing him a few years ago in the short Last Dance, at the Hollywood Black Film Festival.
Blaxican Brothers is good at what it is. A $100 000 movie with a good story, good acting, and good dancing.

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